Orange Goblin - The Wolf bites back

After having released eight "Overkills" in a row, the Goblins managed to release their "Ace of Spades".  "Sons of Salem" is a perfect boogie ´n headbanging opener with Ben Ward´s majestic and powerful voice. Along goes a perfect production to sculpture out Joe Hoare´s complexe guitar work and the constant wummering of Martyn Millard´s bass. The title track surprises with an acoustic intro, I mean, the goblins list of experiments is a long list. But this song develops its own irresistible relaxed and heavy drive until the solo starts.  "Renegade" is a boogie´n blues´n nwobhm bastard, a song , that conly can perform by Orange Goblin, an absolutetly unpredictable and forward chasing song. "Swords of Fire" torture me with two and a half minutes of doom. But the remaining two minutes get me right with alternating styles and speed and rhythms. "Ghosts of the Primitives" pretend to be a ZZ Top song for the first 30 seconds, but the band puts the pedal more to the metal and before this acceleration gets boring, a short jam and solo and a change of rhythm comes along and gives this song a complete different appearance.  The next surprise...."In Bocca Al Lupo"... a short semi-accoustic interlude. This song is a good intro for their upcoming concerts. "Suicide Division" is served as a blasting crust punk song, that could be on a Disfear record. Great song. Now another extract of Orange Goblin´s huge musical spectre..."The Stranger".. First a blues, a jam, a blues and all blended with 60´s psychadelic. I mean, I just write about the music. Does anybody appreciate the class of their lyrics? I mean, I got well entertained musically and lyrically up to now and this record requires another turn. It´s impossible to overview the universe of this record.

"Burn the Ships" blends blues and a a forward pounding doom and creates a spooky atmosphere during Ben´s spoken word interlude. "Zeitgeist" closes in midtempo this magnificent album and Joe Hoare shows his class with two solos. Wow. A clear favorite for the best album in 2018.

Orange Goblin´s latest is a forward looking record. Means, the band members have their musical backgrounds and they have managed to play and arrange it in a modern way without boring them as musicians and us as the audience. And this woked out very fine and will be a big step to deserve their breakthrough.