Duel - Fears of the Dead

I got in touch with southern Rock in 1979, when I heard for the first time Molly Hatchet and 1980, when ZZ TOP did a legendary concert in ze German TV. I like this kind of tripple faced music; one face makes me bang, the second makes my wife´s hips moving and the third is a bit scary background music for B slasher movies. 

So "Fears of the Dead" opens this record nonchalant and cool, quite a lot of Orange sounding guitars around. Tom Frank´s voice is that kind of voice I like since I heard Danny Joe Brown for the first time. "This old Crow" puts the foot a bit more on the pedal without losing this incomparable southern swing or swagger. "The Kraken" emerges as the bastard of Doom and Boogie, "On the Edge" added more of MC5 and The Stooges without losing this coolness in rocking. Of course nothing is new on this records and after 50 years of Hardrock or Heavy Rock. But the way this band celebrates a hedonism way of Protometal rockin´ is that outstanding and awesome. I could hear it especially while driving and doing BBQ, having beers and fun.


An album rated with "Overkill" unites different musical styles, good production and no fillers with a potential to get a classic record.