Life of Agony & Prong & Tarah Who?, 23/01/2023

Werk@Backstage, Munich, 1000 spectators

This evening promised to be a very emotional trip back to the 90's. For their 30th anniversary, Life of Agony perform their legendary debut album "River runs Red", along with their buddies from "Prong" around mastermind Tommy Victor and, to warm up, Tarah Who?, a female-fronted band in the best L7 or Hole tradition.

Tara Who? still found a little space on the completely blocked platform in the Werk. The two ladies and the guy on bass did a good job, because even if the actually very smug and reserved Munich audience celebrates an opening act after 30 minutes, then the mix of grunge, punk and garage rock was just right. A charming, self-deprecating and humble band that carried around 600 people away.

Prong was never really my thing. The whole 90's alternative metal or groove metal completely passed me by. Back then I knew all the names of the bands that got massive airplay on MTV and also played in rock and metal discos, but that didn't grab me that much at the time. 30 years later and I got a second chance to change my mind. Okay, Prong had a human metronome on drums with Aaron Rossi, which gave the heavy riffs of Tommy Victor (guit, voc) an irresistible groove and at the same time an immense power. And once you as a spectator are in this well-oiled groove machine, you only get out of it at the end of the concert. Surprised me a lot and also convinced me to deal with Prong a little more.

Exactly seven years later, Life of Agony performed again at Backstage in Munich. This time with the complete performance of their 1993 debut album "River runs Red". With this announcement you get every venue full and the audience already freaked out completely with the first two songs "This Time" and "Underground". My wife and I have been with Life of Agony since their phenomenal performance at Hellfest 2015. The music is one thing, the important thing for us is the evolution of Mina Caputo since that time. And the self-confidence she has gained meanwhile and her self-image as a transgender to perform marked a perfect contradiction to the theme that runs through "River Runs Red": despair, anger, fear of loss, depression. The emotional depth of the performance, Alan's and Joey's growls as a counterpart to Mina's voice, all moods and depths of the human soul. It touches us at every Life of Agony concert how much Mina touches the audience, sweeps them away and apparently teases out all the emotions that are not shown in the audience. An unbelievably intense concert ended around 11pm.