"Re / Vengeance" is the perfect introduction in HEMI´s destillery of 80´s metal and punk directions. Double bass drums galopping through a punky opened song that pours into a mighty Maiden-like interlude, just to end like the beginning. This tracks unites the trademarks of this band: aggressive vocals, heavy riffing and driving drums. A great opener or a zipper down opener.

"Decay" follows in a modern version of technical Thrash Metal in a Machine Head Tradition. This songs needs a second guitar to perform live on stage due to the riffing and overlayed hooks. And thanks god, the band knows when to finish their songs. "Death Wizzard" takes a bit of time to start and offers an old scholl hardcore breakdown, played in halfstep guitars, to introduce barking vocals and a dense riff layer, death metal growls and a groovy moshpart. The most complex song thus far, almost proggy non predictable tech metal.

No time to take a brief breath, because the title "Darkhorse" announce melodic Death Metal from the "Fate of norns" era. This song would fit in his attitude on an Amon Amarth album. A bit of strange is the interlude "Avalon Averted" that has more potencial than just an instrumental. Maybe as an intro, followed by Darkhorse to kick in the record. All good things must pass, same happens to this record and "The Final Deletion" shows again the great varity of styles and attitudes of this band. The base is this melodic Speedmetal with massive and harmonic riffs, but the break for the last third of the song is a hardcore breakdown that changes into a melodic Death Metal part and again to Hardcore. What a rollercoaster ride of a song!

And so the record keeps me wondering about the band´s technical skills, their easy way of melting different musical directions to a homogenic and gripping whole. Great record!!! 

What an Overkill!! A white range of styles, perfect production, perfect timing!!