Disillusion, Club@Backstage, 27/01/2023, Munich, 200 spectators

We discovered Disillusion a couple of days before the "Death and Doom"-Festival in Lisboa, December 2019. We spent there some days with our son and his girlfriend and took them with us to the concert. After the concert we met Andy and Sebastian and chatted with them. That was the starting point for me to deal with more complex music than just Rock 'n Roll and Stoner Rock. I wrote a review about "The Liberation" and the Livestream-Concert in April 2020. The new record "Ayam" was released in November 2022 and it took me several attempts to listen to this incredibly complex and demanding record. All the more gratifying was the announcement that Disillusion will be playing at the Backstage in Munich, in our second living room. The band turned up with the full line-up:

Andy Schmidt - vocals, guitar; Ben Haugg - guitar; Robby Kranz - bass, backing vocals; Martin Schulz - drums

Birgit Horn - trumpet, flugelhorn; Clara Glas - cello; Frederic Ruckert - keyboards

Also with regard to smaller stages, this band is a few steps more innovative, to perform without the complete backline and plug their instruments directly into the PA via D/I sockets. As a result, the soundtech has a perfect sound in a short time, even in such a small room as the Club from the Backstage. So my prognosis before the concert. The concert confirmed my suspicion; no matter where in this room, the sound was perfect. Except for the very loud and penetrating snare drum, which you could possibly replace with an electric snare drum, or you could separate the drum kit from the band with a Plexiglas partition.


Let's talk about the concert:

Start: 9pm; End 10:45 p.m. (after two encores), plus one additional time "Tormento", the concert ends at 11 p.m.

Perceived duration of the concept:2 minutes


Why? It's like a soccer game, you never know what's going to happen next. you don't know which style of music will come around the corner after 1.5-2 minutes, you don't know what mood it will transport.

The ease with which the songs were presented was fascinating. The songs almost floated thanks to the transparent and clear sound. Despite all the Death Metal blast beats, harsh rhythm changes, deep polyphonic growls, all songs had a lot of ambience, spherical floating. The band effortlessly managed to unite all these contradictory characteristics of their songs into an acoustic ying and yang. And that for over two hours without any hint of boredom. The band could have included 12 other songs on the setlist, it would have been the same treat for us viewers.

My wife and I left the venue, went home quite hypnotized and closed the day in our bed with a glass of red wine, some tapas and the song "Back to the days of Splendor". Thank you guys for this amazing concert.

Pics by Michael Gebhardt

Michael Gebhardt owns his page www.scornography.de, where he publishes a lot of his taken pictures. I discovered him via facebook, where Disillusion posted his pictures from the concert. So I asked him to publish them here. Thank Micheal you for the permission and maybe we can contribute to each other some posts or pics.