3rd day, 08-12-2022

We started the third day (fourth for those of us who arrived at the opening) practically in reserve. While we were having our first coffees in the morning, we found out about the changes that the cartel was undergoing that day. Unfortunately the performances of Mythic Sunship and The Holocaust Altar were cancelled. Replacing the Danish band would be the American Deathchant, who had been in charge of closing the night before, and to replace our favorite masked Salamancans, the Mr. Miyagi concert was brought forward. A pity not to have enjoyed these two bands that I hope to see soon.


The day began with the performance of Samavayo, who were very good. The German trio left me with the feeling of having seen a fusion between Red Fang, ASG and The Sword. Big words. A pity that there were so few people because of the time it was.

the black wizzards

From here we went to the main stage to see The Black Wizards, which I already advanced, they did not disappoint. Local band that moves perfectly through blues rock and seventies. Between wah-wahs we kept moving in the company of the two voices and the well-drawn basses that articulated each song. After this great performance, we were going to enjoy another similar

american deathchant

It was the turn of Deathchant, a band from L.A. in the vein of Valient Thorr and Red Fang, with very classic heavy rides and a mega punk attitude. They amused me a lot, like much of the audience.


We crossed the pond to get closer to the UK, because it was Psychlona's turn, a band that gave an approved concert, good sound and good performance, but they gave me the feeling of being just another band...


What did not happen to me with Bala, because the Galicians gave the show of the day. Rage, pure and raw feeling ripped from the very throats of these two stage-busting machines. They knew how to “agitate” the masses, taking their performance to a level rarely seen. Top concert!

mdou moctar

After Bala, we needed a break and we moved away a bit to get some air, but of course, we didn't count on the attractive force of Mdou Moctar. The excellent composer from Niger, surrounded by a halo of joy as if he were playing in his living room for four friends, put on one of the best performances of the entire festival. It was incredible to see that, being only 6:00 p.m., people piled up, danced and sang hymns like “Afrique victime” in unison, which, knowing what it meant, we appreciate that it dragged on until it became practically a jam. I'm still humming it days later

atomic bitchwax

After their wonderful performance, with smiles still on our faces, we changed the stage to see The Atomic Bitchwax. Those from New Jersey gave a correct concert. This veteran trio that moves through psychedelia, classic rock and prog overtones, gave us a very familiar performance, very roomy and served us as a prelude to what was to come.


The situation suddenly turned surreal. We were next to the main stage when we suddenly realized that we had Bobby, from Pentagram, on our shoulders, visibly nervous looking for someone in the audience who was carrying "something" very valuable to him. We tried to find out what he was and offered our help, but people began to notice his presence and flocked to immortalize the moment. A whole character, endearing and eccentric, did not stop coming out every few minutes but the thing did not seem to be solved, until finally, the savior of him appeared and they went to the back stage for their performance to begin. We did not know very well what we were going to find, and the truth was that it was an impressive concert. Between classics, Bobby seemed to move rejuvenated with a legendary placement. He did not disappoint at all his voice or the sound of the band. One of the best performances of the day was that of Pentagram, helped by the nostalgia of the public and the arrival of the night.


We were now going to find one of the surprises of the last day of the SonicBlast, and it was the performance of the Greeks 1000mods. And I don't say surprise because I didn't think they were going to perform correctly, but because they left the entire audience speechless. What a way to empty yourself on stage. One of the most energetic performances of the entire festival, which to the rhythm of stoner left us without a voice and with our strength already a little diminished.

my sleeping karma

Luckily, now it was time to relax a bit, close your eyes and feel the proposal of this legendary band: My Sleeping Karma. It was my fourth time with the Germans, and by far the one I've enjoyed the most without having too many expectations. I already knew what I was going to see and I wasn't particularly excited about one more, but really, this band saves any day with this attitude and intoxicating spirit. His characteristic game with delays and his long clean intros that answer themselves but with distortion delighted the audience, who moved their necks until they could no longer. Others who deserve a place on the podium of this edition…

orange goblin

Midnight and they arrived on time for the appointment: Orange Goblin. The London band that only asked for one thing through its frontman Ben Ward is well known: chaos. And so the people gave it to him. A continuous tumult that did not stop oscillating on both sides of the stage. The people were very dedicated and it was obvious that they wanted to see these mythical figures of the scene. People continually jumping the fence, running to the pogo to do it again, and so on, for an hour and a quarter of fatigue and debauchery. The "Time traveling blues" dyed the venue orange to promise to return, sooner rather than later, while they gave clues about their next album.


From orange we passed to green, darker than light due to the few lights that made us glimpse our two favorite Daves: the American Weedeater, accompanied by their slow riffs and their bottles of whiskey. Endless passages of distortion so severe it sometimes gets lost. An amazing experience for your die-hards and not so much for others. There were few people left at this time and we could only get carried away by the inertia of the heavy rhythms of the band, which gave a badass and uncensored show. Everything that was expected.

The closing was very nostalgic for me. The band in charge of closing the tenth edition of the festival was none other than Mr. Miyagi. The local gang is chaos personified, extreme speed and adrenaline to push people who still had energy to the limit. I said nostalgic because many, many years ago... I was lucky enough to open for them a couple of times and they are extraordinary people that I didn't think I would ever enjoy live again. The circle pit was impressive and they honored their anthem “Destruction party”. I hope people have recovered after a few days.

To close, taking stock of everything we have experienced, this tenth edition of SonicBlast was everything we expected. Despite going through a few months of slump due to the cancellation of All Them Witches, a band that by far was the one I wanted the most from the lineup, I was doing a resilience exercise and ended up forgetting thinking about the rest of the groups that I was going to be able to enjoy one more time. Leaving there having seen legends like Electric Wizard or Pentagram, dancing with Mdou Moctar, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, entering day and night covens with Green Lung and Moura, sweating and leaving our voices with Bala and going through wonderful trances with Slift or My Sleeping Karma, are some of the feelings that I stay with and will accompany me until the next edition of this great festival.

Its level jump has been remarkable and visible by all the people already faithful to the previous editions, and we are sure that next year they will know how to perfect the little things that in this edition were left a little tarnished by the change and the flood. of influx. Perhaps a different location for the stages would be valuable, since the sound tests were done while another band was performing and it was very annoying as both main stages were stuck together. Some more food stall would be appreciated and perhaps more rest areas or shade to be able to better carry out the day. As I say, these are normal and understandable things with the change of location and the magnitude that the festival has acquired in this new edition.

We count the days to return. What will 2023 bring us? Slow life, I hope.