The origin of the name PintorRock

The first edition in 2011 took place in a couvert hall, where the painting and the plaster fell down. So the crew re-plastered and re-painted the venue and the festival got its name.

Area and first impression

The location is situated behind the huge Repsol-Rafinerie close to El Morell. The worn-out access to the festival one day in advance shocked us a bit due to thousands of people who will visit the festival. Actually, the best place for a festival: far away from any settlements, protected landscapes or nature parks, nobody was forced to take care for the environment. So the waste water was filled in a 4m deep sinkhole (pozo negro) and the water supply were two 20.000 liter trailers, connected by one simple water-pump. And it worked for 10.000 people and three days.


Festival Ambiance