Concerts and Football - without spectators?

The "Hellfest from Home" edition and also the incredible KISS New Year´s Day Concert didn´t had any spectators, also the European Champions League, so I asked myself, if there is a need of spectators in entertainement.

Actually not, because the bands and the teams just made their job, focused and concentrated. It became obvious that teams like Cologne or Schalke in the German Bundesliga went down to the second league, because they needed over the years the spectator´s noise to get filled with adrenalin to do their job in the previous seasons. Teams like Dortmund, Leipzig or Munich were just focused on their matchplan. So it was no surprise that Munich won 7 titles between November 2019 and June 2021. Most of the spectators are still thinking that their money for tickets, beers and sausages in the stadiums keep their teams alive. That´s wrong, all the teams in the Bundesliga survived due the money which is transfered by the TV-rights. This money contributes between 50 and 70% of the teams anual business plan. Around 20% is contributed by merchandise and sponsering and the rest by the spectators´money.

From a business point of view, the spectators are actually worthless. The emotional view is different: In this view, the spectators need their team for several reasons, for being a part of the scene, getting rid of aggressions, getting filled with joy, having social contacts. That means, economically considered, the teams are means for the purpose, for a social purpose.

Same as bands and concerts. Both are means for the economical purpose for the venues, booking agents, shuttle services and for the social purposes like being a part of the scene, getting rid of agressions, getting filled with joy, having social contacts.

For the first time, the bands could have some self-esteem about their economical and social contribution.

Their are needed by the society and for the first time, they could really raise the finger to the surrounding society which never had appreciated the bands´ unpayable work.

The main difference is: the football teams are paid by the TV, bands were and are only paid if they go into debt, that means, when they go on tour to refinance their records. 

It would be a good point to check out of the music business.


The German documentary below is the first critical view on this sick music and festival system. Worth to watch.

Von Ponys und Dollars

Why are music festivals that expensive?

This documentary shows the perverted system of music festivals from the business and economical view.