Morne - Engraved with Pain

Sunday, June 19, 2011, at around 10 a.m.: My wife and I had breakfast in the festival area when suddenly a thunderous sound, as slow as lava and as loud as a convoy of tanks, emerged. We checked the bands responsible for that noise and found ourselves in front of Morne in the Terrorizer Tent. We were completely captivated by the massive power emanating from the stage. So, I looked up the band and purchased all of their releases. Morne is a band that, early in their career, found their unique musical direction - epic riffs for a cinematic sound reminiscent of Pink Floyd, dystopian and socially critical lyrics that could have been taken from Amebix, creating a somber and melancholic atmosphere using elongated guitar chords and sparse melodies.

In my opinion, it's useless to analyze one song after another because this record is complex and simple at the same time. So it will take some time to discover your individual feelings about what this music creates inside of you.


This complex blend of styles deserves more appreciation because their music reflects the complexity of modern life based on simple archetypal forms of human behavior. The simplicity is represented by the simple, long-drawn-out riffs, and the constant, mantra-like repetition of these riffs suggests, in my opinion, that human nature keeps making the same mistakes, which leads to the same problems. To draw the listener's attention to this, it takes the elemental force of power that Morne's music symbolizes. And with a contract with Metal Blade Records, nothing should stand in the way of greater fame.


I usually rate Motörhead albums that represent a certain quality. This album, with all its schizophrenia, represents current society, which can be tricked and seduced using simple means. Morne are loudly drawing attention to these grievances and deserve a 10 out of 10.