Traum - Traum

TRAUM, a band that draws its music from the dream dimension, releases their self-titled debut album following nearly a month of coexistence in an old farmhouse. The band members are Luca Ciffo, Lorenzo Stecconi, Luca T. Mai, and Paolo Mongardi. The album is available on vinyl and digitally through Subsound Records.

TRAUM's music combines psychedelic sounds with heavy riffs and melodic elements. The album offers a variety of songs that range from hypnotic rhythms to atmospheric passages, showcasing a fondness for the cosmic sound of the 70s.

"Kali Yuga" is a powerful track inspired by HAWKWIND, racing through the universe. "Vimana," on the other hand, offers exotic melodies and repetitive rhythms in a nebulous atmosphere.

"Katabasis" and "Inner Space" continue the hypnotic rhythms, showcasing the band in their element. "Antártida Down" brings a calming atmosphere, while "Infraterrestrial Dub" blends electronic elements with Floydian passages.

With "Erwachen," TRAUM presents a more progressive sound, adding a new dimension with the addition of saxophone. The album closes with "Eterno Ritorno," a short but intense piece full of mysterious sounds.

TRAUM offers an impressive debut album that demonstrates the band's versatility and their love for the cosmic sound of the 70s.