Riley Kestrel, 1965 - 1972, 1968

ADO16 was the code name for a British Motor Corporation (BMC) development that resulted in the Morris/Austin 1100/1300. Throughout the 1960s, the ADO16 was the best-selling car in Britain. Most of the vehicles in this range were manufactured in Great Britain, but they were also manufactured at Leyland Authi in Spain and Innocenti in Italy, as well as the Leyland factory in Belgium.

The car was presented on August 15, 1962 as the Morris 1100. The range was then expanded to several vehicles from other brands of the group, such as the MG 1100 with two carburetors, the Vanden Plas Princess 1100 (from October 1962), the Austin 1100 (from October 1963) and finally the Wolseley 1100 (from 1965) and the Riley Kestrel (from 1965).

Riley 4/72, 1965