Officine Meccaniche (abbreviated OM, fully Società Anonima Officine Meccaniche) was an Italian machine and vehicle manufacturer based in Milan and Brescia. Originally founded as a railway manufacturer, OM soon diversified into the automotive industry, becoming known for its rugged sports cars and, later, its commercial vehicles.


As early as 1925, OM had begun manufacturing buses, trucks, tractors and other commercial vehicles. In 1933, OM was taken over by Fiat. Since the commercial vehicle sector was successful, while the passenger car sector was in crisis and also competing with the new parent company Fiat, OM stopped passenger car production in 1934 to concentrate entirely on vehicle construction. commercial.

In 1968, OM was integrated as a division into the IVECO Group, into which the Fiat Group grouped its commercial vehicle activities, including the French brand Unic and the German brand Magirus-Deutz, and from then until the mid-1960s 1980, only as a truck brand continued. OM designs were also marketed throughout the group under other brand names, for example Magirus-Deutz in Germany and Unic in France. In the mid-1980s, the individual brands that had merged with IVECO, including OM, disappeared and were replaced by the uniform IVECO name.