Live Report Hellfest from Home

If you google "Leclerc Clisson" you will find the latest offers in the supermarket, telephone numbers and so on. But you will never find the meaning of this Leclerc during the Hellfest, which transformed from an ordinary supermarket or the biggest fridge around the Hellfest, into a veritable concert location in 2017 up to now. So the French band "Pogo Car Crash Control", who destroyed the Warzone during the 2018´s edition, entered the stage IN the Leclerc, just a few steps away from the main entrance, where you can usually buy tons of beer and bbq-stuff.

This band were already so fucking mindblowing heavy, groovy and aggressive in their songs and on stage and they mantained their unique mix of Hardcore, Metal, Pop, Screamo etc. and even exceeded their legendary 2018´s performance.

We saw the French band "7 Weeks" at the 2013´s edition at 10 o´clock in the morning at the Valley. After this amazing concert there was a bit quite around this band. So we were stoked to see them again with their Stoner Rock influenced heavy rock, captured by a fantastic camera director combined with an incredible good sound on the Hellfest festival ground. This heavier and and more direct version of the "Queens of the Stone Age" made us bang and dance in front of our TV-screen. Great!!

The Thrash Metal Band Crisix hailing from Barcelona and although the band played in front of no audience they did the same as they did during their concert at the 2018´s edition: Good Friendly Violent Fun

Diego is really a nice guy - off stage-. We know him as tourmanager for Loudblast since 2015. His band "Karras" isn´t nice at all on stage. A more than brutal mix of Death, Grind, Crust and Core confronts you and it´s up to you to stand and to bang and to mosh it. Again, the soundman did a fantastic job to capture the band´s incredible power and drive.

After having destroyed the mainstage in 2019, "No one is innocent" became one of our new beloved French bands. And - without surprise -  they did the same during their "Hellfest from Home" show. Like "Lofofora" they sing in French and they speak out the unspeakable and mix the unmixable in styles to an extraordinary groovy hardcore-influenced rock´n roll. Great concert!!

"Tagada Jones" are THE French Punk institution since almost 30 years. So they deserved the biggest production so far and the guest appearance of the French percussion inferno "Les Tambours du Bronx". This concert is not only an acoustic pleasure, the visual effects, the lights and the fire effects made this concert to a visual pleasure. Needless to say that this band never fail on stage after 1800 gigs.