Armin Hofmann left us, his influence stays

Armin and Markus sold records and tapes during and in front of the Punk- and Hardcore-Venues in Southern Germany; Markus Steiger found Nuclear Blast and Armin did it different. None of his bands deserved a golden record or so. The music he sold was and is still far away from any mainstream, but full of a certain amount of attitude to do music in their special way. Not always the successful way. Armin supported their DIY thing, even in analog times. Still the homepage of his mail order X-Mist-Records looks like made out of wood in the early 90´s. 

He sold the records and tapes from the bands who performed on stage, in times, when the bands hadn´t a merch; he payed them out. So he was the guy to create souvenirs with his shop, souvenirs which I still listen to. 

Armin was older than most of the spectators in around 1987 -1991, he was a nerd before the word nerd was invented for people who have knowledge about their profession and doing. Although it was only one year I followed his music, this year confirmed me in living far off the mainstream.

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