Steffen Weigand (My Sleeping Karma) died

We heard My Sleeping Karma for the first time at the Hellfest 2011 in a 30 minutes slot from 11.30 - 12 a.m. We never heard this kind of music before and we were fascinated about the floating heaviness of this music. So we went to see them half a year later in Munich´s Feierwerk. The same procedure happened in 2013; first gig at the Hellfest, half a year later Feierwerk. We slowly got into touch with all the members and Steffen had this look for the whole concerning music and what music creates. Actually, he was the drummer I wanted to play with once in my life.

The contact and the chats were always to limited thanks to the concerts and the around where we met My Sleeping Karma. But these 10 or 15 minutes always were intense and heartfelt, no matter where we saw My Sleeping Karma. 

I realized many times the positive power of My Sleeping Karma´s music. For example in 2016, when I gifted a self-burned "Best of" to a girlfriend who celebrated her 50th birthday. She usually painted mandalas and with My Sleeping Karma, she could listen to acoustic mandalas. After two songs she was completely blown away, calmed and pushed at the same time. Or the chief-waiter in a sushi restaurant in Lissabon in 2019; he played some relaxing music and i gifted him a Youtube playlist and he went completely crazy about this music. Also the guests. They asked him about this music and band. Only a few examples to mention.

In 2019, we went to the Stoned from the Underground Festival and we met Seppi and we took a funny foto with him, had a chat, everything was fine. A couple of minutes later, we met Matte, completely devastated, and he told us that Steffen has a rare kind of spine cancer which is difficult to cure.

We had the honor that My Sleeping Karma always tried to perform, even in 2021 during the Covid-Crisis and 2022, on their few concert during summer. We avoided talking with Steffen about his illness so as not to put pressure on him, which only encourages an illness like cancer. 

I don't know how I got the idea to start the Mother Engine concert report at this year's Desertfest in Berlin with the following sentence: "It is more than possible that My Sleeping Karma will not exist in their line-up that long anymore. Which will be very sad".

The only reason could be: we are an organism that vibrates at a certain frequency and that was - consciously or unconsciously - what My Sleeping and especially Steffen with his view for the big picture created with their music.

I am simultaneously endlessly grateful for the music and the moments with My Sleeping Karma and at the same time endlessly saddened by the physical loss of their mastermind Steffen. His metaphysical legacy continues to resonate, both in music and in the moments together.

Thank you for letting us be part of this whole thing.

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