Spelle is dead

In 2003, I worked as a teacher in Giengen, nearby Heidenheim. I taught some 14 year old kids German. Three of the already had a band which was called Lightning and they played dirty Rock´n Roll. They told me about a club in Heidenheim, where bands can play and where you can listen to good music, means Metal, Punk, Hardcore and so on. Once I went there with my Turbojugend Jacket and took Aspirin Kit´s first CD with me, because I wanted to play there with my pupils´ band Lightning as support. Two songs later, the DJ - Spelle- put "Get it on" by Turbonegro and I went nuts. So I gifted him my CD and he put the whole CD and he said to me: "Ok, let´s do this concert, I know these guys from Lightning" So the gig took place in march 2004. Since there, we met us occasionally on bigger concerts in Stuttgart and also Munich and kept our contact, although we lived different lifes. Today, I wanted to write him if Smoke Blow ever played at the K2 and discovered condolence postings on his facebook account. So I googled and got the sad, sad news, that he suddenly died at the 17th of July. 

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