Pantéon Rococo, established in our life since 2006

Chapter 1: The discovery at Nova Rock 2006

Sunday morning, 11.30 a.m. or so, a slight hangover and a concert which not only opened our eyes; it opens our mind to all the other music from Latin America. The unique blend of party and politics in their music and lyrics was the lifting of a veil and also a huge motivation to learn spanish for our holidays on La Palma. Reina and I were completely stoked by this band and we bought all their records on the merch.

chapter 2: becoming a part of our family in 2007

This absolutely insane concert took place on April, 27th in 2007 in Winterthur´s legendary Salzhaus. I gues, they played for three hours and the venue was packed with Latinos and Mexicans from all over Switzerland. Nuff said, just look at the pictures.

muffathalle, 5th of may 2007

It was the before our daughter´s 16th birthday. We invited her and her boyfriend to this concert and we talked to band at the merch about her birthday. Misael and Paco gifted her a T-Shirt and at midnight, the band stopped playing, got her from the audience to the stage and around 1500 voices were singing "Happy Birthday to you!" What a blast.

Pfingst-open-air 2007

A two festival week-end with our son and his friend. First, the Hellraiser-Open-Air with Thrash and Death-Metal close to Leipzig and this Open-Air close to Passau. This band doesn´t care where they play, they get each and every location mushed up. The whole audience danced during this wonderful evening. A great concert with a lot of happy people.