Void Fest - ze German edition of Roadburn

To be honest: I met Clemens, one of the organizers of this festival, in July 2022 at the "Rock im Wald"-Festival. He is the singer of the band Däächt. This band sounds like Buzzcocks or Pete Shelley. But he is also one of the people who founded the association Void e.V. with a few others in order to establish culture in the region of the Upper Palatinate with poor infrastructure. Not only is the Alte Mälzerei in Regensburg developing into a cultural center for the masses, numerous DIY festivals in Eastern Bavaria keep on building a cultural landscape that is far removed from the Upper Bavarian cultural mainstream.

Just check the playlist: you will find Black Metal, epic blackened Death Metal, Protometal, Minimal, Electro, Sound Collages, Noise. The musical ranges between extremes, almost like an initiation for testing your tolerance and your attitude against contradictory styles of music.

The meanwhile legendary Roadburn Festival was also a DIY creation by two friends and they managed it to keep their festival small and innovative and underground. Same as the Void Fest: the capacity is limited for 1000 spectators and the festival is reduced to the max with a beautiful natural surrounding.  

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