Fuzzy Circuits (USA) - Heavy Desert

This record was created by AI (www.suno.com) and the artwork was created by www.openai.com. First I asked ChatGPT about its meaning about AI-created music.

That´s the answer by ChatGPT:

Sure, here are the translations of my previous answers:

1. Innovative: Music generated by artificial intelligence (AI) can often produce unconventional sounds and melodies that may not be achievable through traditional human composition techniques. (That doesn't apply to this album. It sounds quite traditional; this is not Kraftwerk in 1971 or so.) 


2. Experimental: Since AI is capable of analyzing large amounts of musical data and recognizing patterns, the resulting music can often combine a variety of styles and influences, leading to an experimental and novel sound. (That´s true. You can find a bit of everything what was created by My Sleeping Karma, Karma to Burn, Long Distance Calling, Tundra during the past decade)


3. Algorithmic: AI-generated music can be considered a product of algorithms based on mathematical models. This results in a precise and often structured musical performance. (That´s true. The different parts in the songs follow a quite mathematical scheme without getting bored)


4. Collaborative: AI tools often allow users to interact with the AI and involve it in the creative process. This creates a kind of collaborative music production between humans and machines. (For this, I have to try www.suno.com)


5. Emotional: While AI does not experience emotions in the human sense, the music it generates can still be emotionally engaging. This can be achieved through the selection of certain harmonic progressions, rhythms, and timbres that appeal to human emotions. (Almost. To get an emotional relation, the music should be linked with an emotion to trig some emotions. It´s like listen to "A Perfect Circle", it´s perfect and emotionless.


Ultimately, the description of AI-generated music depends heavily on the perspective of the listener and the specific features of the AI technology used.


Nocebo, my alter ego and musician means, that you also have to say a prompt to your band for implementing your musical ideas. Will Mecum from Karma to Burn once told him how he compose Karma to Burn songs. "I have a riff and my bandmates are intelligent enough to fill them with groove and life." Same does AI.

Additionally, you have the perfect drummer in time, the perfect dynamics in volume and drive, a team-player of a guitar player (sic!), a flexible time to rehears, no angry bandmates concerning your musical ego trip. You´re doing just art for art and not for money. So actually AI-created music is more art than the money and fame lurking thing, if you´re playing in a band. You´re independent, you can compose what you want.

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