Dead Heros Pt 2

Actually, to start a record with military drumming, wasn´t that cool in 1982 with all the wars going around in the world. But "Shellshock" was such a blast of opener, followed by "Struck by Lightning" and a lot other brilliant songs. I guess I was among the few people who liked Tank as support for Motörhead in 1981, same in 1984, when they opened for Metallica.

The magic of the band where the contrast between Algy´s voice and all the beautiful melodies he and his bandmates created. And they did it also on stage.

Or writing 8 minutes lasting openers with epic lyrics about war strategies and efficiency in killing. 

Algy Ward was the proof that musically limited people are able to write great and unpredictable songs with story telling lyrics. That´s what I haven´t achieved yet with my bands. So I guess, I had to start writing songs.

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