Zig Zags (USA) - Strange Masters

There was a San Francisco based band in 1982 who first get the NWoBHM to US by playing their riffs and songs faster. The press called it Thrash Metal and the band called Metallica. Nowadys, a LA based band browsed in some NWoBHM bands like Blitzkrieg - for their song "Brainded Warrior", or overtake Hawkwind´s "Master of the Universe" opening riff for the opener "Scavenger" or Amon Amarth´s  "Pursuit of Vikings" for the song "Voices of the Paranoid". The Zig Zags put a lot of dirt and fuzz into these riffs, fueled the songs with some desert dust and get the pedal to metal. Hell yeah! Since a long time the first record you can listen in one row which doesn´t annoy you with boring mid-tempo rock. Can´t wait to see this band touring in Europe.

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