Desertfest London - official press text

The festival will be welcoming cult heroes Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats to headline the Roundhouse on Sunday for the very first time. As one of the most widely-requested bands in the Desertfest-sphere, the Uncle Acid amalgamation of riff-driven hard-rock & trippy melodic weavings has allowed a uniquely original, yet utterly timeless beast to form.

Friday night sees Swedish heavy-blues maestros Graveyard return to the fold, eliciting raw emotion with their lyrical prowess & introspective compositions. Alongside one of the greatest live acts of all time, German groovers Kadavar as co-headliners.

Pioneers of a groove-laden sound that is undeniably their own, Corrosion of Conformity have not been back on UK soil since 2018 so expect big, loud & memorable things from their Saturday headline appearance.


Japan's own avant-garde maestros of down-tuned psychedelia Boris leap over to London, alongside the crushingly loud tones of NOLA's own Crowbar. One of the most exciting bands in recent memory King Buffalo make their long-awaited debut. Plus, Desertfest favorites Weedeater are back after 5 years of chugging whiskey lord-knows-where, alongside worshipers of vintage occult folklore Blood Ceremony.

For those with a heavier appetite, macabre Japanese doom legends Church of Misery, New York City's noise-rock guru's Unsane & British punklegends Discharge, all bring a detour from the slow'n'low sounds the festival is best recognized for.

Desertfest also welcomes heavy groove rocking trio Nebula, Sweden's stalwarts of stoner Dozer and the godfathers of the Desert Fatso Jetson. French post-metallers Year of No Light will also be playing their first London show since 2014. Ukraine's Somali Yacht Club will undoubtedly meet a rapturous reception when their flawless musicianship makes its long awaited Desertfest debut, alongside Montreal's Big|Brave. Whilst the doors to the Church of The Cosmic Skull are open, as they ask Desertfest revellers to join them in a union unlike any other.


Also performing over the weekend will be, Valley Of The Sun | Stakes | Mars Red Sky | Bad Breeding | Jo Quail | Spaceslug | Grave Lines | Gaupa | Dawn Ray'd | Tuskar | Telekinetic Yeti | Weedpecker | Gnomes | wren | Great Electric Quest | The Necromancers | Dommengang | Ecstatic Vision | Samavayo | Elder Druid | turmeric | Morass Of Molasses | Sum Of R | High Desert Queen | Gnob | Everest Queen | Acid Mammoth | Deathchant | Zetra | Firebreather | Celestial Sanctuary | Earth Moves | Trevor's Head | Our Man In The Bronze Age | Wyatt E. | Mr Bison | Troy The Band | Plainride | Untitled With Drums | Iron Jinn | Oreyeon | Warren Schoenbright | Graywave | Longheads | Terror Cosmic | Thunder Horse | Mountain | Rosy Finch | tones | Vinnum Sabbathi | lions | Homecoming | Bloodswamp | Venomwolf | The Age Of Truth | Earl Of Hell | Electric Funeral | Wall | Black Groove | Margarita Witch Cult | Death Wrm

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