New edition of Rock in Bourlon 2023

Crowdfounding for Rock in Bourlon

In 2022, the association decided to change service provider for bank card payments and chose SumUp.

Sum Up Accounts are capped at €5,000 by default. It is therefore impossible to collect more without contacting Sum Up first.

A telephone contact was therefore established on Monday, June 20, 2022 in order to anticipate this situation. 3 documents were requested and provided immediately by email, with the categorical assurance from Sum Up that everything would work perfectly during the festival. Friday June 24 between 7 p.m. block. Sum Up's customer service closing at 8 p.m., we could not be put in touch with an operator. Credit card payments therefore stopped until we could reach Sum Up the next morning.

The shortfall is to be estimated between €7,000 and €11,000 compared to other festival days. (€16,000 collected by credit card on Saturday and €12,000 on Sunday.)

Following the festival, a complaint was immediately filed with SumUp to request fair compensation for their failure with serious consequences.

After listening to the phone calls again, they were forced to admit their fault and apologize... before offering us, as the only compensation, a reduction in operating costs equivalent to a reduction of a few hundred euros per year...

Following this indecent offer we insisted heavily and after endless exchanges of emails and phone calls we obtained from them a financial compensation of 2000€.

Having been forced to threaten Sum Up with divulging the details of what had happened in order to be able to start a discussion on financial compensation, it goes without saying that these 2000€ are for them a way of buying our silence. ... which is unfortunately not for sale.

What we have seen is the ruthless coldness with which Sum Up addresses its clients when they demand accountability after such a breach. Sum up, which builds all its communication and marketing on small structures, even boasting of "making technology available to independent merchants" but which completely abandons them when they find themselves faced with a difficult situation through their fault .

As such, we are therefore launching this collection to, on the one hand, shed light on the mind-blowing hypocrisy of Sum Up and, on the other hand, to be able to fill the shortfall and pay our suppliers, some of whom also find themselves in difficulty.

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