Villagers of Ioannina City live @ Sala Upload, Barcelona

Villagers of Ioannina City, Sala Up-load, Barcelona

11-12-2023, 300 spectators

It was an honor for us to get invited by our favorite band for this concert. We were on the road, looking for a real estate to stay and were traveling through Catalunya and we were stoked to get invited. 

After seeing them three times in 2022 we were so curios how the band developed and how the audience will be mixed.

The percentage of non greeks among the audience was around 60% and most of them knew the englisch songs. The 40% of Greeks knew the englisch AND the greek songs. Especially during Zvara and Karakolia, a quite anarchistic song, the band wasn´t almost heard, the crowd was louder, the crowd won the concert.

Of course, after 2,5 records, the setlist will remain the same until the band will record and publish new material. The routine and the tightness how the band performs is outstanding, because there is always a space for improvisation, for a chat and for pagan screams. 

Although the venue hadn´t have a suitable PA for heavy Rock Music, the sound was brilliant;  no feedback, Alex´ voice and Dimi´s bagpipe and clarinet in front and clear. Akis on bass and Aris on drums were the solid ground for all what the band created. Aki on keyboards and backing vocals is - in my opinion - the guy who fills the few holes in the dense band sound. 

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    Josep M (Tuesday, 14 November 2023 18:47)

    Hey! I'm the photographer of Science of Noise. You are really quick!!! cos today I start editing the pics of this gig. I invite You to visit https://www.scienceofnoise.net/ where soon we publish our review. If you want any pic similar to the ones I will publish, all you have to do is ask for it... but, anyway, You have a very good page and this review is very specific, direct and accurate.

    You can contact me via Instagram at @imago_mei (Please, dont take the pics from there, Just ask and I will provide in better res)