Stoned from the Underground, line-up complete

From left to the right:

Margot Erkner delivers a sophisticated punk rock with German lyrics infused with a hefty dose of irony and sarcasm. Their energetic performances are reminiscent of the legendary "The Golden Lemons" and promise an exceptional experience for all music lovers.


Church of Mental Enlightenment combines prog rock with a touch of blues and boogie, creating almost danceable tracks. Their musical fusion of intricate melodies and infectious rhythms will make you vibrate and get your feet moving.


For fans of heavy, slow, and hypnotic doom metal, we have Highlord Witchhammer on the lineup. This band will transform the stage into a realm of pure madness with their slow, colossal, and dark music.


Sonic Beat Explosion takes responsibility for a kick-ass rock sound reminiscent of the energetic vibes of "The Hellacopters." Get ready for a musical rollercoaster ride that will exhilarate you and leave you restless.


Aptera, an all-women band, caused a sensation at the Maximum Fest in Treviso. They alternate between death metal and doom, and they will deliver a massive performance at this event as well.


Shakhtyor - together with ELR- will undoubtedly destroy the stage with their massive shoegaze, doom-influenced post-rock. The soundscapes they create resemble a mighty storm that captivates you with its intensity and hypnotic atmosphere. Immerse yourself in this musical adventure where the song titles sound just as they look.


Completing the lineup is Saloon Bizarre, the German edition of Russian Circles. Their instrumental music blends with powerful riffs to create a unique sonic journey. 

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