Live report Cryptosa, Obscura & Cynic, Backstage, Munich, 3-26-2024

300 spectators


The Dutchmen presented high-speed technical Thrash-Metal which I heard for the first time. Everything was perfect: the sound, the lights, the ai-created animation and visualization of their music. Their music was more the intellectual approach to music than the urge to play music to stay alive like in the 80´s. Three artists at work and a band worth to see.


Why does a band fill a venue on a Tuesday evening during a friendly football match between Germany and the Netherlands? They have 312k followers on Facebook, hailing from Landshut which lies about 80km north-east from Munich and without any doubt, their musical skills are just from out of this world. Anyway, I missed the punch in their music, probably a mixing problem; missing bass and rhythm guitars and the drums didn´t sound over the pa system.

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