Vitskär Süden (USA) - Vessel

With their third album “Vessel”, Vitskär Süden once again presents completely relaxed, progressive, floating rock tones. In the form of a slowly creeping up and consistently calm listening experience, albeit based on a concept, it draws us into its dark, fantastic aura.

Viskär Süden can increase their indulgent ability with each song. And with every song, this mindfulness-practicing, meditative basic structure draws you in. Psychedelic sounds that are intended to touch rather than make an impression through muscular over-stimulation of the instruments. No instrument comes to the fore here. The band merges into a melodic construct behind an imaginative story.

“Vessel” is a compelling work that can only really unfold its power in the continuous listening experience. Vitskär Süden apply modern post-rock craft to progressive and psychedlic rock. This works well and harmonizes even with the slight doom, dark rock touches, combined with classical instrumentations.

If you want to go on a relaxed, not over-motivated psychedelic journey, but would rather go on a calm, floating dream path instead of an excessive LSD trip, this is the right place for you. Vitskär Süden progressive, psychedelic post-rock doesn't offend, but rather provides a haven of calm to which you would like to escape in real everyday life.

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