Scorched Oak (GER) - Perception

I'm actually always skeptical when I listen to songs that last longer than 3-5 minutes. Somehow the intro lasts 1 minute, then the main riff plays for a minute, then either Cookie Monster bawls, an elf wails, or the vocals are distorted to infinity or mixed into the background. And after 5 minutes the song trudges towards its end in 8 - 10 minutes without any further ideas. There are also other 8 minutes, such as the pre-released single "Delusion" by the Dortmund band Scorched Oak. Their quite oriental inspired intro lasts 2 minutes and it's so mesmerizing that you forget about time it takes to start the song. Afterwards, a woman who can sing alternates with someone who can really growl, alternating with tons of heavy, rolling riffs based upon a massive, so that this monster of a single is also danceable. Except that your headbanging will blow your head off. To ensure that the 6 minutes of song remain exciting, the band creates a goosebump dynamic with several doomy, semi-acoustic breaks despite all the power of this song. So this appetizer will definitely whet your appetite and curiosity for March 22nd, when the entire album will be released.

And: It would be a gesture of respect if this band were on the bill of the now countless stoner festivals in the summer.

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