And now something completely different.. Nytt Land


The record appears as a black and white painting. You, as a listener will find a lot of fine structures in the white and a lot of space in the black which holds the white together. An acoustic nordic yin and yang, made for greater stages or landscapes.

NYTT LAND, the enigmatic duo consisting of Natasha “Baba Yaga” and Anatoly Pakhalenko, has been a captivating presence in the dark folk music scene since their inception in 2013. Now, on October 6, 2023, this Siberian shamanic couple returns with their ninth opus, "Torem," courtesy of Napalm Records.


"Torem" Beckons listeners into a mystical realm, where ancient percussive instruments and mesmerizing vocal incantations intertwine to create an otherworldly sonic tapestry. The album serves as the inaugural chapter in NYTT LAND's ambitious trilogy, a sonic journey dedicated to the three worlds within the cosmology of their ancestral homeland.


Sung in the archaic languages of Khanty (Siberian Native Tribe) and Old Norse (Old Icelandic), "Torem" derives its name from the Finno-Ugric dialects of Siberia's indigenous peoples, signifying the "Great Sky." It's the celestial domain where ancestors reside, and the place where souls, both human and animal, are reborn as birds. This realm is also where the shaman embarks on his first journey to seek the wisdom of the Great Spirit.


NYTT LAND's music is a testament to their profound connection with the sounds of Siberian nature and their deep roots in mythology and ancient shamanic culture. The album's tracks are an irresistible invitation to explore their sonic universe. "Nord," with its hypnotic rhythms and vocals, delves into the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Meanwhile, "Huginn and Muninn" brings to life the two ravens bestowed with speech, serving as messengers of the supreme God and symbolizing hidden knowledge. The song mirrors the transcendental journey of a shaman, tinged with uncertainty about returning from this ethereal state.


NYTT LAND's cosmic voyage reaches its zenith with "Rise Of Midgard," a musical depiction of a shaman's revelation, the emergence of the middle world (Midgard) from the body of the giant Ymir. It signifies the highest creation of the Gods and serves as the sonic backdrop to this awe-inspiring moment.


Throughout "Torem," NYTT LAND weaves an intelligent and captivating narrative, complemented by haunting visuals and an atmospheric, ambient yet monumental musical landscape. Their unique throat singing, meditative grooves, and the ethereal spirit of mythology and nature infuse every note of this album.


For fans of HEILUNG, WARDRUNA, MYRKYR, RUNAHILD, "Torem" by NYTT LAND is a must-listen. With their latest release, NYTT LAND breathes life into ancient traditions and offers a mystical and immersive experience that is sure to leave a profound impact. This album is a standout highlight of 2023, reinvigorating the spirit and inviting listeners on an unforgettable journey. NYTT LAND has arrived to awaken your soul!

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