Howling Giant´s latest masterwork

Howling Giant - Glass Future


The music scene is continually enriched by unique sounds and fascinating fusions, and Howling Giant is undoubtedly one such band that navigates an exciting blend between the progressive tones of Yes and the powerful energy of Iron Maiden. With their latest album, "Glass Future," the band takes us on an epic journey through a captivating soundscape that mesmerizes the listener from the first note to the last.


The multifaceted instrumental virtuosity of "Glass Future" is impressive, opening up to an infinite range of musical possibilities. Tom Polzine's intricate guitar solos bring to mind the mastery of Iron Maiden's Dave Murray and Adrian Smith, seamlessly blending with the sophisticated keyboard arrangements, echoing the spirit of Yes' Rick Wakeman and Geoff Downes. The band manages to unite technical finesse with emotional depth, taking the listener on a highly engaging sonic adventure.

Another remarkable feature of "Ecliptic Odyssey" is the exceptional vocal performance by all the band members. Their versatile vocal style allows him to transition from gentle, emotive passages to powerful, melodic refrains, adding an additional emotional dimension to the songs. 

The songwriting on "Sunken City" exhibits an impressive array of influences and ideas. The track becomes an adventurous journey in itself, guiding the listener through dynamic shifts between powerful metal riffs and ethereal prog rhythms. 

The production of the album deserves a special mention. Each instrumental sound finds its place, and the vocals shine brightly without overshadowing the instrumental brilliance.

In conclusion, "Ecliptic Odyssey" by "Harmonic Edge" is a remarkable fusion between the progressive brilliance of Yes and the powerful energy of Iron Maiden. The band showcases an exceptional ability to transcend musical boundaries and create a unique sonic fusion. For fans of both genres, this album is an absolute must-list, promising an epic journey through timeless melodies and sonic adventures. 

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