Drifting in Silence? Ambient as Ambient can be

From start to finish, Drifting In Silence expertly navigates us through a colossal universe of electronic vibrations, oscillating between moods of reflection and growth. The percussion of "Clocks" is softly unrelenting. The tolls gently overtake the rolling seas of synth pads and dissolve blissfully into them as if in a digital bath. Here and throughout the release, Stembridge creates a proper ecosystem of music that takes you on a sonic journey.


From the beautiful and emotional track, I Wish You Were Here (featuring Brighten The Corner) to As You Drift Away with longtime collaborator (FYROM), this album captures the full spectrum of human emotion in a way only Drifting In Silence can achieve. Timeless's delicate and vibrant textures seem to stall in time, their crystalline sound waves purified by introspection. In the final third of the album, with "IV XV MMXXII" and the title track, "Timeless," these frozen ambient crystals thaw, and the quiet meditations tumble forward into a river of heavy, rippling synths and the melodies that elegantly roam through them—ending the album out with "Dreamcatcher," a track that feels like closure and a clear sense of renewal.


Timeless was mastered and engineered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Bell Knoll Studios.


Timeless will be available on CD and all digital platforms on May 26, 2023, and a portion of the proceeds from the album will go to the American Heart Foundation.

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