Spidergawd & Årabrot, Backstage Halle, 250 spectators, 3-10-2024


Årebrot is an almost life-long project of singer, guitarist, songwriter Kjetil Nernes with his wife Karin Parks on keyboards and vocals. The music reminds me a bit on Nergal´s project "Me and that Man" with a bit of Tom Waits´ melancholy and early Nick Cave´s noise. We couldn´t tell each other why this concert was a fantastic concert; I guess the easy playing with the different musical styles which came out quite naturally, presented with a sense for art and performing. 


Same band, one year later, same results: fantastic sound, fantastic lights, a band with fun on stage, a marriage proposal on stage, an audience who went nuts and a concert that ended  way too early. What more?