Ett Dödens Maskineri - Det Svenska Hatet

If you like music or a person right away, your brain and subconscious will pull out an existing pattern that fits the new sensory impression. In case of this record, my brain and subconcious had to dig out a lot of patterns, which were offered by this band, hailing from Falun, Sweden. There´s Discharge´s D-Beat, Fields of the Nephilim´s or Sólstafir´s semi-acoustic soundscapes, traditional Swedish Hardcore from the 80´s like Mob 47, Anti Cimex or Prote Bengt, Raised Fist´s pissed-off attitude and lyrics, TSOL´s Gothic Punk.

To reduce my review to the max:

This band shows that D-Beat suits to clean guitars (on "Leviatan", "Arbete Ger Frihet","Röda Stugor Med Ruttnande Knutar", "Låsta Dörrar", "Istid"), or spheric guitars (on the opener "Dödens Maskineri").

And you know what? These laid back and relaxed guitars give enough space for three different sounding vocals and their lyrics. And they have a lot to tell us in Swedish! The production is more an Anti-D-Beat-production, which means the records doens´t sound like there´s a band playing in  a small room or in a cellar.

Actually, this band created a new music style called Post-D-Beat, because it broaded this actually narrow-minded, slogan-based D-Beat by adding the member´s musical evolution and influences to real lyrics, overcrowned by an amospheric and powerful production.


This record doesn´t have any filler, the production is outstanding, all the songs have got the perfect timing in starting.

That´s the "Ace of Spades" in the award.

To put a musical retrospektive in a modern garwend, in this case a postmodern garwend, by creating a new brand, which is linked with the band´s name, that deserves "Overkill".