¡Pendej0! - Volcán

¡Pendej0! is just take it or leave it. I understand their lyrics due I lived around 7 years in Spain. There are a lot of crossover bands to combine latin folk with rock or metal for example Pantéon Rococo, La Vela Puerca, No te vas gustar and some more. ¡Pendej0!´s quite offensive lyrics and powerful songs would fit perfectly to a Robert Rodriguez movie. "Volcán" symbolizes the slow and destructive power of lava and so does this record. The opener "La pistola del anciano" opens within 5 seconds and I guess Pastuso´s reigning voice doesn´t need a microphone to scream against the rest of his band. "Revolución" is far away of being political correct - the song is called "Revolución" and not "Tulip Picking" -  and the song itself keeps on pushing forward with a tangible aggression. "El nuevo novio" is a more pedal to the metal song with some nice harmonic and spoken vocals. Up to now the fastest song on the record. "Hasta el final" stands in the tradition of Mexican mariachi, a kind of lament, decorated with some brass and a breathtaking vocal performance by Pastuso. Goosebumps guaranteed. "Vamos a la haya", okay, "Let´s go to Den Haag" fits musically and - with its bitterness- lyrically perfectly to the preceding song. 

"La reina de la ametralladora" starts slowly and speeds up with a trumpet solo - without and with a wah-wah. Great. Great headbanging during this song.

"No te vayas" is a slowly bulldozing powerful song - again with so-called urban lyrics, "Otros dios" strikes my ears with slow breaks and mid-tempo theatrical choirs, wow, this will be one of my favorite songs. "Tu Hermana" is a straight forward rocking bastard with a catchy refrain, could be a good concert finisher because it contains ¡Pendej0!´s trademarks: groove, speed and power and brass. "Ninguno" is the musical undertaker of this record: dark, doom and depressive. Thank you guys, it was a pleasure to listen to this amazing rollercoaster of a record with a brilliant production.


La Pistola Del Anciano 


El Nuevo Novio 

Hasta El Final 

Vamos A La Haya

La Reina De La Ametralladora 

No Te Vayas 

La Vieja 

Otro Dios 

Tu Hermanna 


This album deserves an Overkill: a brilliant production with different musical styles and no fillers.