Jesus Chrüsler Supercar - Rising EP


Chrüsler Supercar's latest EP finds itself in a peculiar predicament, as if a high-performance sports car has mistakenly wandered into a 30km/h zone in a residential area. With an abundance of power and energy at their disposal, the band grapples with how to channel it effectively. However, the resulting fusion of styles and production choices creates a discordant experience.

The EP consists of four songs that unfold at a slower Boogie/Blues tempo but are mixed with a relentless force and hardcore-like production. The bass takes a prominent role, while the guitars are tuned to a lower register, leading to a sense of confusion. These elements give the impression of a mid-tempo hardcore sound akin to Smoke Blow, rather than the expected Blues and Boogie influences. The juxtaposition of the sound with the bluesy foundation feels mismatched and incongruous.

The EP can be seen as a deceptive package, leaving listeners waiting for the band to break free from the confines of the somewhat monotonous blues patterns and unleash a consistent barrage of rock power. There is an anticipation for Chrüsler Supercar to seize the opportunity to deliver a full-throttle rock experience, but it never fully materializes.


While there are glimpses of potential in the clash of styles, the EP falls short of delivering a cohesive and compelling musical statement. Chrüsler Supercar's sonic identity feels muddled, leaving listeners longing for a clearer direction and a more focused exploration of their rock-infused potential.