Psychlona (GBR) - Let´s Go

What do you expect, when a band is clever enough to blend Kyuss and Fu Manchu with the hypnotic riffin´ from Hawkwind? Yes, Psychlona and "Let´s go" could be a benchmark for their upcoming releases. Hailing from Bradford in the middle of Yorkshire, where you usually won´t expect some desert vibes, Psychlona found out the perfect balance between not being Heavy Metal and not being Blues and not being Rock. This is art and just in case why I put the tag "Driving Rock", there is the song put into a driving video from Youtube so you can see how the song "Let´s go" from their upcoming album "Warped Vision" fits to the landscape with its relaxed power and powerful, relaxed vocals. Check them out in October 2024 during their tour with Greenleaf and Slomosa.

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