El Altar del Holocausto (ESP) - El Silencio de un Gesto

We could never get used to this band; we found the name just as repulsive as the Spanish Inquisition costume. These two aspects are diametrically opposed to the music of the band from Salamanca; since 2012, the band has been serving up the finest post-rock with numerous changes in dynamics and tempo, as well as influences from noise, doom or ambient, which demands a lot of attention from the listener. This is also the case with their new single "El silencio de un Gesto". It's not really new, the recognition value is actually low. What makes the band stand out from the post-rock monotony is this band's sound; the fat, distorted bass characterizes and drives the band forward. At the same time, the riffs and hooks are entwined around this mainstay of the band. With this strong single behind them, it is only logical that "El Alter del Holocausto" takes the Spanish throne of post-rock that was vacated after the split of Toundra.

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