Greenleaf (SWE) - Breathe, Breathe out

The video is just fantastic and funny, spiced with a typical Swedish kind of laconic humor that you can´t escape. You´re occupied with watching the video and following the story so you actually can´t enjoy the pure song.

So after you have seen Basse as a lobster, Tommi as a frog, Arvid as a pineapple and bear and Hans as a banana with a Steve Harris machine-gun bass, we can discuss about this endless forward pushing song, driven by Sebastian´s permanent and accentuated drumming overlayed with an almost mantraesque "Breathe, Breathe out". Since "Rise above the Meadow" Greenleaf created their own brand in sound, groove and vocals. And after this fantastic appetizer we all know that this band keep on greenleafing for a couple of years. 

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