Persefone (AND) - Lingua Ignota: Part 1

We spend at least 5 or 6 months each and every year in Spain and when we travel through Catalonia, we drive to Andorra to buy cheap cigarettes and fill our reservoir with cheap petrol. End of January 2024 we met a guy wearing a Persefone Shirt in the supermarket and we asked him about his shirt. He told us, this is a local band and they are quite famous and they play a kind of progressive Death Metal. After returning from our trip, I checked out their Bandcamp and Facebook site and  - what a coincidence - they released a new album on 4-2-2024, which I listened first on Bandcamp.

Actually, it´s "only" an EP which is cheaper to produce, but this band turns this EP into a double LP, with all the changes in dynamics, rhythms, screams and sounds. Up to now, you can listen to two songs, "One Word" and "The Equable".

"One Word" alternates between half-time and blastbeats, ambient colored sound, epic choirs and Gojira-like riffing and growls. Sounds quite complexe, yes, and on the other side, this band manages it to offer us a catchy chorus, before they create a massive wall of spacey soundscape, followed by the previously mentioned catchy chorus. Yes, this sounds quite exciting and unpredictable and takes you to all extremes of sound and human perception. 

The first 1,5 minutes of "The Equable" are a pure masterpiece in groove, atmosphere and riffing; they could be used as an OST for a dystopian Science-Fiction movie. After that part, the more Death Metal part, concerning the vocals starts, which is stopped by epic choirs and so on.. My detective way of analyzing album comes to its limits due the ease how this band juggles with styles, sounds and speed. And hopefully, Persefone will once join Disillusion for a common tour or a common festival. I´m really exciting to see this band on their upcoming European tour, because the support is also almost mindblowing.

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