Stoned from the Underground presents new bands

Bismut (NL) plays heavy instrumental psych´n prog; Berlin based EINSEINSEINS do Berlin things like spacey Krautrock; Tommy and the Teleboys are playing "music that our parents like" (sic!, Stoner is parents music with a bit more of pedalboards and amps), ryr from Berlin can be located between Amenra and Toundra; Heckspoiler from Austria have achieved a kind of cult status in southern Germany and Austria with their mix of Hardcore, Noise, Comedy, singing in their proper Upper Austrian dialect. The female fronted band Daevar from Berlin sounds like a massive doom and ambient mass and the Pighounds adjoint some 90´s Grunge, Alternative Rock to this festival. I still hope that Caligula666 will book Kosmodrom or Eleanore from Germany. Up to now it is already an exciting line-up.

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