Monkey3 (CH) - Welcome to the Machine

There are still a lot of people who haven´t heard of Monkey3. When they ask me what kind of music they play, I always answer: "A more heavy and instrumental version of Pink Floyd". The latest prove that the Swiss band keeps on approaching to the Floyds is the title of their latest album "Welcome to the Machine", which will be released on February, 23rd, 2024. Despite all the common epic in their songs, Monkey3 always have several  jokers in their sleeves, which first appears like "What is this?" and after several listenings, these surprises fit perfectly in the entire song.

The first published song is "Rackman", actually two songs in one; the first three minutes is kind of Monkey3-trademark-song with a repetitive and mesmerizing riff on half-time, 6/8 until a bass break turns this song into a danceable song stuffed with oriental harmonies, which remind me on Richie Blackmore´s solo on "Stargazer".  The tone on "Rackman" is a cold and technical one, which is also unusual for Boris and his Les Paul, so folks, get surprised about this song and take a fantastic 7 minutes ride through two cultures and continents.

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