Dimartis (Argentina) - Reverberaciones Vol. 1: Cuentos de polvo y vientos

I checked the daily news on my personal bandcamp algoritm and found the album. The song "Los Altares" started to soak me into a mesmerizing track between Sólstafir and My Sleeping Karma and a huge, semi-desert landscape with a mountain range in the back built up in front of my inner eyes. Then I read the band information and the band wrote "Patagonian band, Patagonian sound". Another example for that you can put a person out of the country, but you can´t put out the country out of a person. The same phrases contains the press text and so you will know when to switch to hear this record: highway, 80km/h.

The same feelings of a loneliness in an empty country causes the following song "Circulos".

The three-piece really sounds like a symphonic orchestra combined with a light floating sound. Beautiful to listen and beautiful to drive with.

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