Ornithology in music business

To buy tickets after the Corona crisis, you should choose your correct bird species. Whether early bird, super early bird or blind bird. In the context of ticket sales, it signifies that individuals who purchase tickets early enjoy special benefits. This could be in the form of discounted prices, exclusive access, or other perks. The idea is to reward early bookers to secure tickets in advance and better plan for events or travel.

The reason for this is the high ticket prices, which attempt to compensate for the lack of income from the sale of physical recordings, to compensate for the increased costs for transport, personnel and energy or simply to satisfy the greed of some booker, who want to compensate their loss of earnings during the corona pandemic or some new bookers, a kind of jailbirds, who think there is a bit of business to make. This also unconsciously stirs up fear among potential viewers because it could be that a new pandemic is hovering over the event and consumer industry like the sword of Damocles. And you just have to watch the amount of cancelled tours and concerts.  

"Blind bird" is a variation of this concept. The term "blind" suggests that buyers do not have all the details or information about the event in advance. They purchase tickets before all the specifics are known. Similar to "early bird," buyers of "blind bird" tickets may receive special benefits, but they take the risk that certain details of the event, such as the exact schedule or participating artists, will be announced at a later date.

Not to forget, that a lot of personal went off the music business during the Corona-Crisis and the few left can dictate their salary. So nothing changed to the better after Corona and Ukraine, we reached the opposite: high prices for gas due the sanctions against Russia, no income by music streaming etc.

Just an example: My wife and I went to Kvelertak and Monkey3 in October 2023 and be paid 150€ for two concerts.

8 years ago, we paid 150€ for one Hellfest-Ticket. 

There is such a lot of money for a lot of subventions and ideologic motivated politics in Germany, but not for art and music. 

That´s why ze Bavarian band "Dicht und Ergreifend" refused the Bavarian Art Award 2023.

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