Norway based progers Asmodean unleash their debut album

Asmodean's debut album, "By a Thread," takes listeners on an enthralling musical journey through its 11 tracks, each offering a unique and compelling experience.


The album opens with "The Undoing," setting the stage with its powerful and immersive sound, signaling the start of a captivating musical voyage. "Below the Line" follows, with its energetic rhythms and evocative melodies, making it a standout track that keeps the momentum going.


"Defying Truth" delves deeper into the band's progressive hard rock sound, offering a rich and dynamic listening experience, while "Scorned" maintains the album's intensity, showcasing Asmodean's ability to craft intricate arrangements and thought-provoking lyrics.


With "I Won't," Asmodean shifts gears, delivering a concise and potent track that leaves a lasting impact. "Sanguine" emerges as a progressive powerhouse, with its extended runtime allowing the band to explore intricate musical landscapes and showcase their technical prowess.


"Mary Go Round" serves as a brief and contemplative interlude, offering a moment of reflection within the album's sonic journey. "Best Sold Disguise" returns with a hard-hitting sound, featuring curated riffs and an ambitious musical arrangement.


"Cursed Kismet" continues the album's exploration of dark and introspective themes, complemented by Asmodean's signature sound. "Zooethics" injects a dose of danceable anthemic energy into the album, demonstrating the band's versatility and ability to craft catchy tunes.


Closing the album, "Jack O' the Shadows" leaves a lasting impression, showing Asmodean's roots and influences while serving as a powerful conclusion to this musical odyssey.


"Asmodean's debut album, 'By a Thread,' is a captivating journey through the realms of progressive hard rock, showing the band's evolution from their English roots to their current base in Norway. With 11 tracks that range from the powerful 'Sanguine' and 'Jack of the Shadows' to the infectiously danceable 'Zooethics' and 'Below the Line,' this album promises a sonic adventure worth every listen.


The album is a treasure trove of curated riffs, daring experimental arrangements, and thought-provoking lyrics. Asmodean masterfully blends these elements to create hard-hitting rock anthems with monumental choruses, delivering an ambitious sound that leaves a lasting impression.


Drawing inspiration from rock legends like Black Sabbath and straddling the line between Mastodon's thunderous energy and Ghost's enigmatic aura, Asmodean finds their unique place in the musical landscape. While the album nods to the stylings of bands such as Opeth and Avenged Sevenfold, the guitar work channels the spirit of Van Halen and Children of Bodom, adding layers of complexity and virtuosity to the mix.


However, 'By a Thread' is not just about showcasing musical prowess. Asmodean ventures into the depths of human experience, exploring the darker facets of existence and the bittersweet sensation of being alive. This album is a testament to their ambition for musical perfection, as they push their own boundaries and challenge listeners to join them on this thrilling musical odyssey.


In 'By a Thread,' Asmodean not only reveals where they have been but also offers tantalizing hints of where their musical journey may lead. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable sonic adventure with 'Sanguine,' 'Jack of the Shadows,' 'Zooethics,' and 'Below the Line' as your guides."

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