2 Minutes to Late Night (2MTLN)


My wife and I live on the Canarian Islands since 2012. These islands are more commun to South America than to continental Spain, concerning behaviour, music, food, drinks and attitude. So we watched during years "Españoles en el mundo" (Spainards in the World) to see different host-countries and the different Spanish mentalities who live abroad their homeland. 


Españoles en el Mundo on Youtube

I cannot remember how I discovered 2MTLN. Suddenly I saw hordes of my favorite musicans covering songs from other favorite bands in their livingroom, rehearsal rooms with a shot full of comedy, visualised with amazing video productions.

Also I discovered the high quality of the US internet to play simultaniously high upload rate. This would be impossible in Germany due the different internet qualities we even have in a big city like Munich.

What I love about american musicians is their limitless love of music, no matter what genre they playin their bands. It´s not embrassing for Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen & E-Street Band) to play Misfits "Earth A.D." on a Roland E-Drumkit with James Jasta and others. Or Gina Gleason checks her oven during a guitar solo or the dog walks in the picture during "Rebel Yell".

Two Minutes to Late Night on Youtube

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