Heaystoned´s Ace of Spades 2018

Same with this song. To listen the whole record is a bit annoying, but I can´t stop listening to this song, the catchy opening riff and the whole atmosphere lingering along this song. Best part: the acceleration after the Joe Walsh reminescence solo.

This song was the opener for their concert during the AMFest 2018 in Barcelona. This song has got a mindblowing dynamic and majesty. Listen to it with full volume and discover the several layers of guitars and harmonies. 

Ze Germans managed to write a spheric song in easy listenable time, a lot of moods in just four minutes and: you have to watch the video. So it is quite sheldom to have visual and acoustical art together in the Stoner scene.

This song squares the circle: a sludgy and fuzzy Hawkwind song meets The Stooges with the right drugs. Forget to listen to the record, this song is just class.

I receive a lot of promo stuff and so I spend a lot of time listening to music. Some bands are quite exhausting to listen to due to much fuzz, everlasting riffs or the band has monster vocals. One song is really enough and most of them manage to write a song with the perfect dose and timing. So did Oak, Black Rainbows and Borracho.

This song unites the whole album; you will listen to doom, blues, stoner, heavy metal.

Most of the Stoner scene call him a legend. The fact is, Brant Björk just wrote about ten really good songs. This one is an almost funky kind of relaxed and swaggered stoner, yeah, this could be a Shaft version of Stoner. Great

Mirry Parsons´ voice is both extraordinary and exhausting. So this one song gives you an overview about the band´s oevre.

This song is the essence of their album 2. The rest of the songs isn´t that bad, but similar. "Cursed from Birth" unites a good story, a folky vocal line and a 70´s flavoured organ.

This song almost made me buy this record after listening to it. The rest of the record isn´t that good.

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