The story behind the picture

At the Hellfest 2011, we came for the Mainstage and were forced to spend the festival at the Terrorizer Tent, which is now the Metalcorner at the Hellfest, due to drizzle and rain. So the bretonic weather used to be the kick-start for being into Stoner rock now. Karma to Burn delievered a hell of a concert and this was the start of complet reset of my comprehension of music.
We know our beloved Band Black Bomb A since 2004 and this will be a photo story of all the highlights we had together.
Helldorado, Eindhoven, 1 a.m. Douwe Truijens, Death Alley´s charismatic singer, walks through the audience. I caught him, embrased him and told him why I´m so happy having seen his band and why they are one of my absolute favorite bands with their unique boogie protometal. He felt almost so happy as I and we had a very nice chat together. Petra captured this fantastic moment.
This is no joke, they meant it!! As Petra told them during the Helldorado Festival, that we had to paid around 500€ to get transport from La Palma to Eindhoven and taht we run out of money to buy some presents for Christmas, the offered her money to buy presents. Hell yeah!!
In the Hall of Fame you only see one picture out of more. i explain you why.