2-6-2017, Powder for Pigeons & Monster Magnet, Backstage Munich, 1300 spectators, sold out

Meike and Ryhss or Powder for Pigeons create 45 minutes of different styles, sounds and rhythms without having any eye-contact or setlist and no breath-taking pause for the audience. What an improvement in two years.


Diamond Dave Wyndorf and his crew just blow the roof and then our heads of. Even an established band is able to create magic moments and a spectacular concert. 

7-31-2017, Child & Elder, Backstage Munich, 300 spectators

After missing Child and Elder during the Stoned from the Underground Festival two weeks before, I fortunately got the opportunity to see them during the Free and Easy-Festival. And I learned, that Heavy Blues means: play this stuff with power chords and you´ve got a melodic, groovy and heavy music and blend it with a superb voice. And you can enjoy Child.

Now Elder caught me. After four open-air concerts during the last three years my mind opened for this blend of prog, blues, stoner and psych and even if Nick DeSalvo isn´t that frontman with that voice: two minutes of singing don´t destroy such fantastic songs like "Sanctuary". Great concert.