Desertfest Berlin, Saturday, 05-25-2024

Go Mahhh

The multinational Berlin band Go Mahhh stepped in for the originally planned band Cava. According to their press release, the usual empty Berlin hype was supposed to appear; instead, we got to hear 82/83 post-punk, whose drumming and a fat leading bass were reminiscent of Joy Division, keyboard fills were reminiscent of Echo and the Bunnymen, and there were two great voices that complemented each other perfectly. In this consistent style, flute solos and really art metal breaks got lost, which interestingly didn't seem strange, but rather fit. A very interesting and entertaining concert.


The Würzburg trio turned minimal electro à la Kraftwerk and Air into fat electro stoner rock when they used electric guitars instead of synths. The voices, distorted with vocoders, fit perfectly with this electro stoner rock, which was great for dancing and headbanging to. Did I forget to mention that the band was bathed in red light even though it didn't match the music?

dirty sound magnet

Sound collages, sprawling songs and a charismatic frontman cannot disguise the lack of song structures, nor can the gigantic light show, which turns relatively banal 70s music into an apparent spectacle.


The Upper Austrian duo impressed with their white stage outfit and the balancing act between stoner sound and punk rock speed. It was a pity that the PA on the outdoor stage only had a range of 10m and couldn't fill the entire courtyard. Well, Heckspoilers mixed their music with witty humor in their German lyrics and the number of headbangers grew by the minute. Somehow it seemed like it was time for the pent-up energy of the visitors to come out somehow.


Zahn did what Lemmy said about Hawkwind: If you take out the flutes, the saxophone and all the jingle-ing from Hawkwind, it's really hard. It was space rock without the synths and ramblings about space and time, it was rock without Kraut and it was heavy psychedelic blues without the blues. Great concert and a band that I remember.

siena root

Siena Root sounded very authentic to the music that their parents listened to around 1972. Somehow the whole thing reminded me of Blues Pills, who also covered the 60s and 70s in 2014. Nevertheless, the song "Rasayana" from their debut album was the highlight of the performance, and the lighting did the rest to visually enhance the performance.


I admit that I thought the song "Lilly's Eyes" was pretty good when I wrote the review about it in January 2024. Now, there is a difference between performing live in front of 400 expectant spectators and recording an album. The tension was noticeable in all band members. In addition, despite all the mixer's efforts, the vocals were barely audible and somehow everything sounded very similar and the light was blue and you couldn't see the band. And the latest doom orgy didn't really put you in a good mood either.


This concert was the most talked about afterward, even though it was actually "just" a normal thrash metal concert. Zerre was the band that lifted the depressed mood in one fell swoop. As if the speed, the sound, songs with a recognizable song structure were what people were longing for after 1.5 days of blues, doom, doom, doom, prog rock and doom. Zerre actually played flawless 80s thrash metal, but with such incredible precision and conviction that this combination drove the audience completely crazy. And when you think there is no "more", then "Whiplash" came along as the ultimate wrecking ball. An empty merch stand speaks volumes. As Lemmy said: "Rock´n Roll ain´t worth the name, if it don´t make you strut."

the crazy world of arthur brown

It wasn't a concert, it was a performance; there was no singing, there was celebration, there were instruments played, it didn't matter; you didn't know what was going to happen next, time flew by, what happened again? Impressive 60 minutes and we knew that this couldn´t be topped. Fantastic concert.