blood ceremony

The first band with a bass player who played bass, a band with complex and catchy songs, a witch as a fronter and a kraken behind the drums and actually two guitars on guitar. The short hiatus was the best cure for this band, to make them return fresh and relaxed, despite their tour.

ecstatic vision

Lemmy once said: "Hawkwind without the jinglelingaling like synthies, saxophone, keyboards, is a quite heavy band". i guess, Ecstatic Vision did exactly what the master said and so it was a tremendous concert which reminded me heavenly to Hawkwind light.


Mono will always have a special place in my heart after their incredible concert at the AMFest 2018 in Barcelona. This band should only play in classical concert halls or in such a beautiful and good sounding location like the Columbiahalle. It was not only a concert, it was a celebration of musical skills. Fantastic!!


Gaupa didn´t care about musical boundaries and styles; they put the musical range of the whole Desertfest in one or two songs and sealed it with Swedish lyrics. Great discovery and surprise.


Slift will be the "new" Hawkwind in the next two or three years. Not only musically, also concerning the lights and stage aesthetics and stage acting. We saw them at the Hellfest 2022 and the band could conserve their high level of musical and aesthetic skills. And Columbiahalle was the right and suitable around for their music.

We skipped Uncle Acid after what we saw during the day. A fantastic festival came to an end at our personal highlight.